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Finally! Powerful Help with Recovery from Addiction!

  • Are you putting your health at risk with substance abuse?
  • Are you damaging your relationships with your loved ones?
  • Is your drinking spiraling out of control?
  • Can’t stop, even when you say you will?
  • Is your work affected?
  • Have you started a twelve step recovery program?

I want to share my new meditations with you so that you can step into a new and better life!

Starting today!

Dear friend,

I have known for some time that meditation can help overcome the spiral of addiction. And, recently, the traditional medical community has recognized the power of meditation. 1, 2, 3

Whether your addiction is to alcohol, drugs, or food, I’ve longed to help. And I’m pleased to share my deep meditations designed to help you with your twelve step recovery program and find freedom from whatever addiction has been plaguing you. Read on for more information.

Each Step Meditation…

  • Is created to assist you to deepen your personal experience in your recovery from addiction.
  • Guides you to enter your gentle but powerful participation with your own personal journey through each step, beginning with steps one through three.
  • Is filled with positive step recovery statements resting in a soothing background of gentle music.
  • Offers two options, one ending in waking up and continuing on with your day; and the second ending in entering relaxing sleep.
  • Is a great gift for family and friends who are recovering in any 12-step program

I am so confident you will love these meditations I’m offering a 60-day no-questions-asked guarantee.

If you’re not satisfied, just send me an email and I’ll refund your full purchase price.

With Love,

Deepen Your Relationship with the Steps!

Step One can assist you to:

  • Admit powerlessness
  • Recognize unmanageability
  • Set aside the debating society
  • Realize you are not alone
  • Uplift your spirit
  • Have a deeper Step One Recovery!

Step Two can assist you to:

  • Believe in recovery’s possibilities
  • Let go of old ideas and philosophies
  • Set aside the debating society
  • Experience the beginning of real hope
  • Uplift your spirit
  • Have a deeper Step Two Recovery!

Step Three can assist you to:

  • Begin to be willing
  • Surrender old ineffective ways
  • Dare to trust again
  • Build a relationship with a higher power
  • Uplift your spirit
  • Have a deeper Step Three Recovery!
Is there something you need help with that’s not covered here?

Complete the form on the right and I’ll create a Step Meditation to help. Your information is completely confidential: you don’t even need to provide your name or email! But if you do, I’ll reach out to you when your specific Step Meditation is complete.


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1 –

3 –

4 –

Note:  These meditations are not produced by any Anonymous Program, nor are they intended to replace step studies in your recovery books or in your Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions book, which can be obtained at recovery meetings or by contacting the world service office of your particular addiction. Helpful links are found below.